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Re: [Gnash-dev] I'm so sad that gnash can not run on ARM 266Mhz and MIPS

From: 泽雷-陈杰(mp4学习机/gps方案)
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] I'm so sad that gnash can not run on ARM 266Mhz and MIPS 360Mhz?
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 04:39:15 +0000

> You're correct but the solution is not the correct one since it will
> only work when the movie has the same resolution as the framebuffer.
> We came accross the same problem. The solution was to call
> resize_view() in the run() method so that the GUI calculates the
> correct scales.
> Forgot to commit that patch, sorry about that. Will do that in one of
> the next days..

The two platform are running after I added resize_view() in the run().
But these two processors has not floating, that the speed is too slow!
My OS is linux 2.6.12.
Thank you!

On 1/13/07, Martin Guy < address@hidden> wrote:
> The mips cpu is 360Mhz
> the arm  is 266Mhz

> Who can tell me why?

Do they have floating-point co-processors? If not, that's probably why.

In the ARM case, which precise OS distribution are you running?
Most are unable to use an arm fpu even if it has one.



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