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[Gnash-dev] KDE changes in CVS

From: Bastiaan Jacques
Subject: [Gnash-dev] KDE changes in CVS
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 13:25:39 +0100


Today, I have committed some changes to CVS which will affect people who
use or build the KDE code in Gnash commonly referred to as Klash.

As of now, there is no such thing as Klash. Instead, our KDE code
consists of two outputs:

1) The Gnash KDE Kpart, used for embedding Gnash into applications such
as Konqueror, which lives in plugin/klash. This is enabled by running
configure with --enable-klash.
2) The KDE GUI implementation, which lives in gui/. It is enabled by
passing --enable-gui=kde to configure.

The KDE GUI implements only the OpenGL renderer. However; those
interested in using the AGG backend with the Gnash Kpart can compile
Gnash with the FLTK backend and the AGG renderer. In other words,
passing the following options to configure

./configure --enable-klash --enable-gui=fltk --enable-renderer=agg

will yield a Gnash usable in KDE.

As a note to developers; the old code that lives in
plugins/klash/klash.{cpp, h, moc} is deprecated and will most likely be
deleted from the repository soon.


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