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Re: [Laszlo-dev] [Gnash-dev] YouTube video via OpenLaszlo

From: Henry Minsky
Subject: Re: [Laszlo-dev] [Gnash-dev] YouTube video via OpenLaszlo
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 17:14:29 -0500

Ooh, I haven't seen that happen before...

Which distribution of LPS are you running? It looks like you're on a linux box?
Something is blowing up in an XML parser. I have not had any recent experience with the Aelfred parser , but I don't think it's something we ship (Mark Davis??) as a library. Are

Is there any way to get your runtime environment to use a different XML parser?

Does your installation compile and run apps in  the web browser, via the LPS servlet?  If so, then plan B is to use wget to fetch the swf file that way...

On 2/12/07, strk <address@hidden> wrote:
On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 02:25:33PM -0500, Henry Minsky wrote:

> make a test file foo.lzx:
> <canvas>
>  <text>This is some text</text>
>  <view bgcolor="red" width="100" height="100"  y="40"/>
> </canvas>
> And compile it by calling
> lzc foo.lzx
> That should produce a foo.swf file.

lzc test.lzx
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException : already parsing
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.XmlReader.setContentHandler(
   at com.thaiopensource.relaxng.parse.sax.SchemaParser$State.set(
   at com.thaiopensource.relaxng.parse.sax.SchemaParser$State.startElement (
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.SAXDriver.startElement(
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.XmlParser.parseElement(
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.XmlParser.parseDocument(
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.XmlParser.doParse (
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.SAXDriver.parse(
   at gnu.xml.aelfred2.XmlReader.parse(
   at com.thaiopensource.relaxng.parse.sax.SAXParseable.parse(
   at com.thaiopensource.relaxng.impl.SchemaBuilderImpl.parse (
   at com.thaiopensource.relaxng.jarv.VerifierFactoryImpl.compileSchema(
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Parser.validate(Unknown Source)
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Compiler.compile (Unknown Source)
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Compiler.compile(Unknown Source)
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Main.compile(Unknown Source)
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Main.lzc(Unknown Source)
   at org.openlaszlo.compiler.Main.main (Unknown Source)


Henry Minsky
Software Architect

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