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[Gnash-dev] MTASC testing framework ready

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] MTASC testing framework ready
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 11:16:51 +0100

I've committed a framework for testing Gnash with MTASC.
We currently use both MTASC *and* MING to produce the final
SWF, but MING is only used to "wrap" the MTASC-compiled 
file into the Dejagnu.swf based framework.

In order for this to work you need latest Ming release:

        0.4.0.beta3 - 2006-12-10

We might implement a full MTASC way for loading the Dejagnu.swf
if any MTASC guy helps out.

You can use the testsuite/misc-mtasc.all/ file as a template
for implementing a test. 
To have a new test run by 'make check', just append the new .as name
to the 'ASTESTS' variable in testsuite/misc-mtasc.all/

Happy hacking.


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