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[Gnash-dev] Re: Hello world working with OpenLaszlo

From: P T Withington
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Re: Hello world working with OpenLaszlo
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 05:57:03 -0500

On 2007-03-01, at 04:25 EST, strk wrote:

I finally handled to have an 'hello world' trace working.
This is the source code:

  <script when="immediate">
  trace("Hello world");

Note that 'when="immediate"' is required for this to work.

Also, this *only* works if I wipe out LFC7.lzl, making it
an *empty* SWF (any target version seems fine).

I'm now proceeding by incrementally adding components
of the LFC7.lzl back in, but I don't understand a simple thing:
what language are the .lzs written in ? :)

.lzs files are our 'extended' javascript. They are Javascript 1 with some Javascript 2 extensions (such as `class` declarations) and some private extensions (such as #pragma).

I tried adding trace() calls there, but w/out success, it seems..

That looks like a 'feature' in the compiler. It seems that it intentionally compiles away any `trace` calls. Perhaps this was to avoid debug output in production.

Try building your LFC with:

  buildlfc -DcompileTrace=flash ...

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