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[Gnash-dev] Cairo on FC6 is utterly dog-slow?

From: John Gilmore
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Cairo on FC6 is utterly dog-slow?
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2007 04:54:52 -0700

I built CVS gnash on FC6 yesterday, using all three renderers.  The Cairo
version ran something like 20x slower than realtime; AGG and OpenGL ran
ordinary movies in realtime.  E.g. I tested's This_Land.swf:

[Sigh!  It doesn't play when I take Firefox to that page; but it does
play if run the command-line player on the Flash file that gnash
downloaded months ago into /tmp from this page.  Bizarre.  I dissected
the gnash command line forked from Firefox (from ps axwww), pulled
apart the XML in:

and downloaded the 10MB .SWF file from:

but it's 3x the size of the original -- and gnash says "Could not load
movie" when run on it (BUG?).  I've temporarily posted the original, which
plays with CVS gnash, but mangles many of the sprite contents:

AGG renders this best, but still with tons of rectangles that get the
wrong image contents (BUG); OpenGL messes up even more rectangle
contents (BUG).  But Cairo can barely spin the opening logo at one
frame every four seconds or so.

The Cairo renderer must be doing something truly stupid; is that
stupidity easy to fix?  [If we're using the Cairo back-end on the
OLPC, no wonder it's such a dog there.]


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