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[Gnash-dev] cvs tarballs

From: Martin Guy
Subject: [Gnash-dev] cvs tarballs
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 16:24:52 +0100

  There seem to be some problems with the daily cvs tarball contents.

- is missing (although "configure" and libltdl/ are present!)

- "configure" runs ok, but compilations fail immediately saying
  "log.h:27:63: error: gettext.h: No such file or directory

- if I copy libbase/gettext.h in from my usual source tree they
compile and work OK.

I've tried this with gnash-cvs-20070419 gnash-cvs20070425 and
gnash-cvs20070429 and they all have exactly the same problems.

I would have thought that CVS tarballs should give the exact same
filetree that you would get if you could run "cvs co gnash", with
something like

#! /bin/sh

# Make a daily CVS snaphot of gnash

set -e                          # Exit if anything fails

distdir=/home/martin/lulu/tmp   # or wherever

mkdir $tmpdir && cd $tmpdir

CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -Q -z3
-d:pserver:address@hidden:/sources/gnash co gnash

datestamp=`date +%Y%m%d`        # e.g. 20070427

mv gnash $gnashcvs
tar czf $tarfile $gnashcvs
mv $tarfile $distdir/



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