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[Gnash-dev] Timeline control and the gotoAndPlay bug

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Timeline control and the gotoAndPlay bug
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 16:30:48 +0200

Trying to organize the discussion a bit...

UdoG reported a bad bug in gotoAndPlay.
Initially he tought it was just a performance loss, but
we found out that it is a major bug instead, a behavioural one.

We opened a bug report for the behavioural bug:

Fixing the bug implies clearly defining the expected behaviour, which
is something we're trying to do with a wiki page:

The preferred channel to go on with discussion/research is the wiki
AND this mailing list.

For the wiki, an important task is organizing a complete-as-possible
set of scenarious ("cases") writing them down in a consistent format
under the section "3 Analysis of the proprietary player".
Each case should be easily readable (see the timeline table), fully
described and accompanied by informations about the observable
behaviour. Ideally, the "observable behaviour" should be encoded into
a self-contained testcase which can be kept in our testsuite and
run by 'make check'.

The displaylist_depths2_test.swf testcase I recently committed 
is such a testcase, but still doesn't have an entry in section 3
of the wiki page. I guess I'll just add this case, being:


  Frame  | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |
  Event  |   | P |   | M | M | S | J |

 P = place (by PlaceObject2)
 M = move (matrix transform by PlaceObject2)
 S = swapDepth 
 J = jump


 frame2: character placed at depth -16381 at position (10,200)
 frame4: position of instance at depth -16381 shifted to the right (50,200)
 frame5: position of instance at depth -16381 shifted to the right (100,200)
 frame6: depth of instance changed to 10 (dynamic zone) and stop.
 frame7: jump back to frame 4

Expected behaviour on jump back:

 Before the jump we have a single instance at depth 10 and position 100,200.
 After the jump we have two instances:
        - one at depth 10 and position 100,200
          (the same we had before, with its state intact)
        - another at depth -16381 and position 20,300
          (newly created and placed accordingly to the PlaceObject2 tag on 


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