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[Gnash-dev] autogen/configure speedup

From: dolphinling
Subject: [Gnash-dev] autogen/configure speedup
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 03:59:03 -0400
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Rob mentioned on IRC that he checked in some changes that should have made faster, so I decided to see exactly how much...

time (./ && ./configure --disable-plugin --disable-klash --enable-renderer=Agg --enable-media=GST --with-ming=/home/dolphinling/gnash/ming/bin/bin/ming-config --with-mtasc=/home/dolphinling/gnash/mtasc/mtasc)

Three runs each, one on a fresh checkout from right before the checkin, one on a fresh current checkout:

real    1m58.340s (first run time is slower of course)
real    1m28.293s
real    1m28.327s

real    1m32.783s (first run time is slower of course)
real    1m4.212s
real    1m4.374s

Over 25% improvement! Nice job!


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