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[Gnash-dev] i18n in server messages

From: Eric Hughes
Subject: [Gnash-dev] i18n in server messages
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 08:24:31 -0600


I'm starting to write HTTP error messages for Cygnal and I'm concerned about internationalization. HTTP has a header field "Accept-Language:" which specifies a list of acceptable languages with optional preferences. I just read over the gettext documentation and apparently the only way (at least that I could see) to switch languages is with setlocale(), which isn't thread-safe in general and by all reports slow. Everything I read points to this being completely intentional, given that the only use case was one of a user sitting at their workstation using local software.

So, is this assumption right, that there's no overt support for multiple simultaneous languages used by a server? At the very least there would have to be some run-time way of querying what's available in translated form, and I didn't see anything like that at all.


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