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[Gnash-dev] Extensions and GNASHRC

From: Sandro Santilli
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Extensions and GNASHRC
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 18:43:04 +0200

I finally found the time to implement some mechanism to reduce
my paranoia about extensions and security.

With my last commits extensions are disabled by default, no matter
whether you enabled them at compile time. In order to really enable
extensions (plugin dir scan, loading) you need an explicit variable
set in the ''gnashrc'' file. Note that extensions are *always* disabled
if you don't explicitly enabled them at compile time (no matter what
does your gnashrc file says).

The gnashrc variable is called 'EnableExtensions', so you must put a
line like:

 set EnableExtensions on

in your file for things to work.

Now, in order for 'make check' to succeed (it includes extensions
testing) I also added support for a GNASHRC environment variable.
This variable will be set to the extensions/gnashrc file that simply
enables extensions.

Note that the gnashrc files are loaded in a cascading fashion:


This wasn't my design, just found it there and added $GNASHRC.
It turns out I actually like it so you can override previous (general)
settings by using GNASHRC.

I didn't look at sound tests. We have some, and I dunno if they would
fail in case you $HOME/.gnasrc disables sound by default. We should look
into it and fix using a GNASHRC for other tests as well (I only used it
for FileIO, being the only extension I build).

Another thing to consider is using GNASHRC from the plugin, so to have
an additional file with plugin-specific settings (ie:
$HOME/.gnashpluginrc). This would remove the need for that 'pluginSound'
variable I never liked...

Comments welcome.

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