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[Gnash-dev] Many thanks for gnash

From: Chris Lingard
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Many thanks for gnash
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2007 20:38:47 +0100
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As a new user of gnash, a big thank you for all your work.

Built the version gnash-0.8.0, but was unable to try it out thoroughly, due to other work.

I have now built the cvs version, and it works much better than flash with nswrapper here.

I build systems from scratch, the cpu is an Athlon 64

I like KDE, and KDE + 64 bit + flash == no sound. I am pleased to report that gnash sound does work.

All the static stuff is OK,  with video I found the following using firefox   The music video work complete with sound. The advert that they sometimes put on their front page works with sound; the video nearly work, they stop at "Loading Video" with a message from firefox:

25726] 20:00:51: DEBUG: video_stream_instance 0x9e8940 ctor
25726] 20:00:51: UNIMPLEMENTED: sharedobject_getlocal
25726] 20:00:51: DEBUG: bool gnash::XML::load(const gnash::URL&) enter
25726] 20:00:51: SECURITY: Load from host granted (default). 25726] 20:00:51: Loading XML file from url: ' 8,0,99,0&crlen=t&nwid=15040&content='
25726] 20:00:52: Text node value consists in blanks only, discarding
25726] 20:00:57: DEBUG: virtual gnash::XML::~XML() enter   Does not work, SWF8? This is bad, it takes my 2Gb memory, and nearly 2Gn swap, and makes the machine a bit twitchy, but no video or sound comes out before I chicken out.

The dependencies were a bit difficult to work out, as I have no "development packages", the headers are installed when the package is compiled, tested and installed.

So far the only permutation that I have tried is

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-renderer=opengl --with-plugindir=/usr/lib/firefox/plugins --enable-media=ffmpeg --enable-gui=gtk

But a great achievement already, that it is working so well, 64 bit and built from source.

Chris Lingard

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