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[Gnash-dev] Extensions load but don't export as symbols

From: Dave Watson
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Extensions load but don't export as symbols
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 11:58:13 -0700


I'm having a bit of trouble getting the example mysql extension to work.   I built gnash from CVS as of a week ago like so:
./configure --enable-gui=gtk --with-extensions=mysql --enable-debugger
make && make install

great, it looks like it loaded correctly.   Then try some example as code:
var db = new MySQL();

and running it I get this:

address@hidden:~$ gnash -v -va facet.swf -1 -r 0
14064] 11:55:41: Verbose output turned on
14064] 11:55:41: Verbose output turned on
14064] 11:55:41: Base url set to: file:///home/facet/facet.swf
14064] 11:55:41: Movie file:///home/facet/facet.swf (SWF6) added to library
14064] 11:55:41: Plugins path: /usr/local/lib/gnash/plugins
14064] 11:55:41: SECURITY: Extensions enabled, scanning plugin dir for load
14064] 11:55:41: Scanning directory "/usr/local/lib/gnash/plugins" for plugins
14064] 11:55:41: Gnash Plugin name: mysql
14064] 11:55:41: Loading module: mysql
14064] 11:55:41: Initializing module: "mysql"
14064] 11:55:41: Opened dynamic library "mysql"
14064] 11:55:41: Found symbol mysql_class_init @ 0xb6e621b0
Executing 5 tags in frame 1/1 of sprite /
Executing 1 tags in frame 1/1 of sprite /button
at ActionExec operator() start, pc=0, stop_pc=26, code.size=26.

PC:0 - EX: ActionPushData

(double) 0

        0) type=string, value=[string:db]
        1) type=double, value=[number:0]
        2) type=string, value=[string:MySQL]
 After execution, PC is 0.
Stack: "[string:db]" | "[number:0]" | "[string:MySQL]"

PC:23 - EX: ActionNew

---new object: MySQL
get_variable_raw("mysql") failed, returning UNDEFINED
14064] 11:55:41: ACTIONSCRIPT ERROR: ActionNew: 'MySQL' is not a constructor
 After execution, PC is 23.
Stack: "[string:db]" | "[undefined]"

PC:24 - EX: ActionVarEquals

-------------- db = [undefined]
-- set local var: db = [undefined]
 After execution, PC is 24.

PC:25 - EX: <End>

Main loop ended, cleaning up
Any segfault past this message is likely due to improper threads cleanup.

I've set the enableextensions in the gnashrc file as well, but I can't figure out where to go from here.   It seems the attachInterface call in the mysql_db.cpp just isn't working for some reason, and before I start debugging gnash I was hoping someone would know the answer...


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