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[Gnash-dev] enhancement request: window placement and menu hiding

From: Steve Castellotti
Subject: [Gnash-dev] enhancement request: window placement and menu hiding
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 11:28:25 -0300

    First a thanks for all the great work on Gnash, I've been following development closely for the past year or two and have seen things come a long way!

    I'd like to request two, hopefully small, features:

Window Placement - Gnash will already allow window width and height to be specified from the command line, it would be extremely useful to also be able to specify the coordinates where the window should be placed (compare to the --geometry flag supported by mplayer)

Menu Hiding - Again, it would useful to be able to be able to hide the menu bar via command line parameter.

    The result of these two features would allow Gnash to display a Flash movie anywhere on screen, with any dimensions, with no window decorations. One of the restrictions Adobe places on their Flash player is where and how you can play the movies you create. This would allow web-kiosk producers (for example) to be able to create content in Flash and play it without breaking Adobe's license restrictions.

Best Regards

Steve Castellotti
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