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[Gnash-dev] gnash run on arm with agg as render

From: ligy8160
Subject: [Gnash-dev] gnash run on arm with agg as render
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 17:11:47 +0800 (CST)

Thanks  Udo!
It's my failure to do this, maybe I want to know how to resolve it too worried.
What I do is that I  just make gnash as a standalone one to play flash files.
I download a swf file from Net randomly, and play it on my ARM board, just make it as an application.
How can I distinguish the flash style, and if it is what as you say, the gnash is also not support many format flash files?
B Regards
>Hello ligy8160,

>Tuesday, October 9, 2007, 10:09:49 AM, you wrote:
l1c> 1,Because I use FB as GUI, So the renderer I use can only be
l1c> Agg, and if I use Opengl , It must supported by Hardeware
l1c> acceleration. In arm , Is there HW exist?It looks like has no HW in it.

I'm no ARM expert, but your SBC (single board computer) probably needs a graphics chip that is OpenGL capable. But you're right, using the FB GUI only AGG is supported at the moment.

l1c> 2,I don't know the mean you say about optimize the movie, can you explain it ? Thanks.

I don't know what kind of movie you want to play (how it is designed?). Unless you tell us a bit more about your project I assume that you created the SWF movie yourself, most probably an application.

A simple movie can be played decently on a slow CPU while a complex movie of course needs a fast CPU. When your movie is designed in such a way that the whole screen needs to be re-rendered on each frame of course playback is very slow on your CPU. An extreme case (to make this clear) would be a constantly changing background: looks nice maybe, but takes lots of CPU.

On the other hand, having a still movie that maybe only updates a clock text label once per second will only need to re-render that part of the screen between user interactions, which your CPU should handle fine.

It all depends on what you want/need. Playback performance depends *heavily* on the design of a movie...


PS: Can you please configure your mail program to send text-only mails? I have problems displaying your posts... :(
And always CC: address@hidden so others can read our discussion as well. Thanks.

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