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Re[2]: [Gnash-dev] Faster building

From: Udo Giacomozzi
Subject: Re[2]: [Gnash-dev] Faster building
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 16:24:23 +0200

Hello Rob,

Monday, October 22, 2007, 4:20:49 PM, you wrote:
RS>   Welcome to a C++ application... which takes more time to compile
RS> than a C application.

Ok, but some weeks ago it took "only" about 15 minutes. Anyway my
question was how to optimize the build process by eliminating
superfluous steps...

RS>   Don't pass in any optimizing flags by setting CXXFLAGS=-g only. Gnash
RS> will run slower, but it'll compile much faster. Also on a dual core
RS> machine, make -j3 speeds things up too.

Speed is important for me.

>> For example, there is
>>   --enable-shared[=PKGS]  build shared libraries [default=yes]
>>   --enable-static[=PKGS]  build static libraries [default=yes]
>> Does this mean that Gnash by default builds both shared *and* static
>> libraries?

RS>   Yes.

So this means I could speed up building by enabling either just shared
or static libs?


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