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[Gnash-dev] - flash 8 movies with gnash?

From: Damir Perisa
Subject: [Gnash-dev] - flash 8 movies with gnash?
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 01:12:53 +0100
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Hi gnash-devs,

i just started using gnash (my new laptop is 64bit only) and i know 
that it does not support flash 8. 

since it is planned to support more than flash 4 features, i want to 
point you to a website that provides movies that use sign language 
(made by deaf people for deaf people). have a look here:

as i started to learn sign language, i kind of feel handicapped not to 
be able to watch this tv on my laptop. since i have no clue what are 
the differences between the flash versions, i do not know how much 
work would it be to have enough features of flash 8 supported in 
gnash in the near future. if you are looking forward, please have a 
look at this website if not to support the needed flash commands, at 
least to have a test-case for your development of gnash. at the 
moment with gnash 0.8.1 it just says in the middle of the page of 
focus5tv that i need to update flash. :)

i'm willing to test any code that would go into the direction to 
support this site and in general new features of gnash (on archlinux 

thanx in advance for comments on focus5tv and in general any feedback,

best regards,


i can also open a bug regarding the missing support of the flash on 
focus5tv, but since gnash do not claim to support flash 8, it is not 
really a bug but rather a feature request :)

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