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[Gnash-dev] BBC iPlayer

From: Dave Crossland
Subject: [Gnash-dev] BBC iPlayer
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 20:54:24 +0000


"So [RTMP] seems to be the main problem.

Phil also hit the same wall -

If the problem is just setting up a server with Red5 on it, I can help
there. But I don't know how the BBC will feel about me using a BBC
server to convert or transcode content. I guess if you guys don't tell
anyone, no one will know

I'm also talking to Adobe about setting up Flash Streaming Server, so
people can play or experiment with it. Maybe one of the experiments
could be to do with this.

Either way, unlocking rtmp will mean we can build iplayer on xbmc,
mobile phones and other exotic devices. I was thinking about using a
Nabatzag as a internet connected radio the other day.

By the way, come and join the mailing list if you
want to talk about opening the bbc's content. I also think it would be
cool to pool some knowledge on iplayer development. There is a real
API being built but I can't give a estimate of when it will be public
sorry, except to say it was demo'ed at BarCampLondon3 in November."



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