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[Gnash-dev] (off-topic) Free the webkinz (was 0.8.2 status & OLPC)

From: Zeth Green
Subject: [Gnash-dev] (off-topic) Free the webkinz (was 0.8.2 status & OLPC)
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 01:36:21 +0000

> PPS: The target audience of G1G1 was kids, many of whom seem to be in
> thrall to the brightly colored pyramid scheme.  Here's an
> excerpt from one support ticket, after they installed Adobe Flash with
> help from a techie friend, but didn't figure out how to uninstall
> gnash: "No resolution. I am waiting and hoping you can get someone to
> 'add a very simple walk-through', as you have stated below. My
> daughter does not want to use her XO since she is unable to get into
> Webkins and Learning Today."  I tried it; the homepage works, but
> clicking "New Member" leads to a Flash "Loading..." page that never
> goes away.  If this is a Flash version issue, hey, how about Gnash putting
> up a message about *that* very common problem, too?

I had no idea what the heck you were talking about, but according to the 
Wikipedia page, 
< >, the way it seems to work is that you 
buy a stuffed dog 
and you get a code for the website with it, this gives you one year's 
Inside the website you get a Flash animation which represents a 'virtual pet' 
which runs around
and you can interact with it at some level. The kids then nag their parents to 
get them virtual 
accessories for these pets.

I think in the developing world they will more likely to have brothers and 
sisters and 
extended family and things, so the demand may be lower for virtual pets, and 
they will
not be able to afford the subscription anyway.

However, I think the solution is not for Gnash or the OLPC to support these 
virtual pets, but to provide free software virtual pets, preferably using 
Etoys, Python or Gnash 
so that it will be consistent with the OLPC system. Perhaps it could be some 
kind of 
educational activity, e.g. teaching some basic issues about animal welfare, 
veterinary studies, 
biology, etc. 

It could be far cooler than webkins as it could use the mesh networking so all 
the virtual pets
could meet each other and interact (fight?, reproduce?, spread infections?).

If anyone has any idea how this could work, do let me know. I know Python but 
have no art or 
animation skills at all but it might be a fun idea.

Best Wishes,

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