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[Gnash-dev] Minor configure fix; icon and wiki issues; movie/video issue

From: John Gilmore
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Minor configure fix; icon and wiki issues; movie/video issues.
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 03:40:02 -0800

On my Ubuntu Gutsy machine, when I configure the latest CVS gnash, it

        ERROR: The BOOST date_time library is needed!
               Install it from
               or .deb users: apt-get install libboost-date_time-dev

There is no such Ubuntu package, but there is one called


I didn't check in a change because I don't know if this is an intentional
change in a later Debian or Ubuntu release or something.  There seems
to be no such thing as a "minor configure fix"!

Building it with the standard Gutsy gcc-4.1.3 produces a small load of
compiler warnings scattered around, including this one, apparently for
every file that includes this:

../../server/parser/movie_definition.h:138: warning: unused parameter 'parent'

The Gnash icon does not appear anywhere that I can see, either, though
a recent ChangeLog entry claims it should.  Hmm!  Perhaps that odd "Q"
symbol in the taskbar is the new Gnash icon?  When I enlarged it in
xmag, it might be a "G", but when rendered in such a small size, the
"G" closes into a circle, making it impossible to interpret as a "G".

When I follow the link from to, I get an odd page ("Fedora TV Beta"), which doesn't
actually play video using the CVS gnash I just installed.  However, if
I click the link for "Mad Max at OLF, 2 of 4" it goes to a page that
does play video.  (The volume control in the video window doesn't
work; there's an odd black square at the top left corner, surrounded
in a green line; the progress bar doesn't work and appears to put the
pointer along the top of the window rather than the bottom; and it
displays "Buffering..."  with a barberpole, overlaid on top of the
entire video.  But hey, the bear is dancing!)

There *is* a web site called, but it's a few guys from
Hamburg and seems unrelated to the Fedora project.  Hmm, is
an earlier version of the same thing; and FUDcon supposedly had a talk
on "vidpress" that got open sourced as "vaniv".  But there aren't any
details online...

While the video is playing, if I pop up the Gnash menu and click on Sound
to disable sound, it keeps right on making sound.

As an aside, we call the Flash thing a "Movie" in our user
interactions.  But users see the Flash script as nothing; as part
of the background infrastructure; they'll think the "movie" is the
video.  When I pick "Movie Control -> Pause", the screen stops
updating, but the sound keeps right on playing.

The "File > Properties" menu brings up a window called "Movie
Properties".  But this is all about the flash wrapper, not about the
movie.  There is, indeed, no info about the movie (like what format
it's in, what codecs it uses, what its URL is, or how long it is).


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