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[Gnash-dev] from Hong Yu: partial progress of debugging Gnash-cvs with n

From: Hong Yu
Subject: [Gnash-dev] from Hong Yu: partial progress of debugging Gnash-cvs with new FFmpeg
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 17:35:04 +0800
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So far we have had progress debugging Gnash-cvs with direct linking to FFmpeg built from newest source (with which the VP6 support, etc.). After certain modifications to the configuration and the source (see where '// Hong Yu' in the files attached), we are able to configure Gnash-cvs with '--enable-media=ffmpeg', build, install, and run YouTube video at least once successfully, and firefox browser won't get crashed.

Of course, the modifications with the partial progress are rather incomplete, for what we did was mainly to recover the FFmpeg processing code in media handling component. We are certainly interested in implementing the FFmpeg streaming part more consistent with the new media framework.

Currently we are debugging Gnash-cvs+newFFmpeg with Twango.

Best regards,

Hong Yu

Bastiaan Jacques wrote:

On Tue, 29 Jan 2008, Hong Yu wrote:

Therefore, if you would still consider the ffmpeg option, could we help with, for example, coding the ffmpeg related media-handling components? We are working for embedded platform, so we would appreciate it if the GStreamer's 7MB size libraries could be removed. Thank you!

On a sidenote: if your size indication of 7MB is for gstreamer itself,
then you also might consider stripping down gstreamer. Gstreamer uses a
plugin-based system, so you can simply remove the plugins that aren't
required for Gnash in your embedded setup. Given that, you should be
able to strip it down to less than 1MB. That's not taking into account
any of Gstreamer's dependencies, and you'll still need ffmpeg (in the
form of gstreamer-ffmpeg).


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