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[Gnash-dev] from Hong Yu: progress of debugging Gnash-cvs (checked-out F

From: Hong Yu
Subject: [Gnash-dev] from Hong Yu: progress of debugging Gnash-cvs (checked-out Feb 12, 2008) with new FFmpeg (VP6 support) for YouTube flash video
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 19:13:25 +0800
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With reference to developers' suggestions and Gnash source, we have done the following and have seen progress of playing YouTube flash video with direct linking to new FFmpeg (with VP6 support):
[1] check out updated Gnash-cvs on Feb 12, 2008
[2] modify '' to enable '--enable-media=ffmpeg' option
[3] remove libmedia/sdl from compilation (moved to libmedia/ffmpeg)
[4] create directory libmedia/ffmpeg, copy 'AudioDecoderFfmpeg.*', 'sound_handler_sdl.*', 'VideoDecoderFfmpeg.*' to the directory from libmedia/sdl, and modify 'VideoDecoderFfmpeg.cpp' for working with new FFmpeg [5] create class 'ffmpegNetStreamUtil.*', where the utility classes 'raw_mediadata_t', 'multithread_queue', 'AudioResampler' (from server/asobj/NetStreamFFmpeg.*) [6] according to [3], [4], [5], modify in the directories gui/, server/, server/vm/, server/asobj/, server/parser/, utilities/, libmedia/, pythonmodule/, po/ [7] modify server/parser/video_stream_def.* for compatibility with FFmpeg option [8] modify server/asobj/NetConnection.* to recover gnash0.8.1 network downloading code for use with FFmpeg [9] modify server/asobj/NetStreamFfmpeg::pause() to solve {pause, toggle, unpause} in playing YouTube with FFmpeg [10] modify server/asobj/NetStreamFfmpeg.* to solve play-end detection and 'replay' display in playing YouTube with FFmpeg [11] modify server/asobj/NetStreamFfmpeg.* to solve downloading progress display in playing YouTube with FFmpeg

Currently, after the above modifications, performance of playing YouTube with new FFmpeg is satisfactory. Also we will try rebuilding with debugger disabled so to ensure the normal production performance.

Our modifications are where '// Hong Yu -- FFmpeg' in the attached. If ffmpeg option would be promising and shall be submitted to CVS, we are also ready to do further cleaning up.

Best regards,

Hong Yu

Hong Yu wrote:

Currently we are further modifying Gnash-cvs source for the option '--enable-media=ffmpeg' and have had the following plans: [1] Modify '' and set the default value of 'media_handler' to be 'gst' [2] Create directory 'libmedia/ffmpeg' and copy the current program dependencies 'AudioDecoderFfmpeg.*', 'sound_handler_sdl.*', 'VideoDecoderFfmpeg.*' under the directory [3] Rename the directory 'libmedia/sdl' and exclude it from build temporarily
[4] Modify files '' accordingly wherever necessary
[5] Create files 'ffmpegNetStreamUtil.*' in the directory 'libmedia/ffmpeg', and move the utility classes 'raw_mediadata_t', 'multithread_queue<T>', and 'AudioResampler' from 'server/asobj/NetStreamFfmpeg.h' [6] Create files 'NetConnectionFfmpeg.*' in the directory 'libmedia/ffmpeg' and copy partial implementation of 'server/asobj/NetConnection.*' of Gnash-0.8.1, which is invoked in 'server/asobj/NetStreamFfmpeg.*'
[7] Test and debug the above changes with YouTube

We will post our debugging results with YouTube soon afterwards. And look forward to your helpful suggestions!

Best regards,

Hong Yu

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