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[Gnash-dev] release branch created

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: [Gnash-dev] release branch created
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 19:37:21 -0700
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I created the release branch a little while ago, tagged release_0_8_2_rc1.

To update an existing source tree:
        cvs update -r release_0_8_2_rc1

To checkout the branch:
        cvs -r release_0_8_2_rc1 co gnash

Any testing other folks on this list can do is appreciated. Bug reports
can go to:

There is a new category for the release_0_8_2 branch. Other issues might
best be discussed on the #gnash channel on

There may also be an existing problem with some platforms for building
the DocBook files, some output formats have problems on some platforms.
Doc building is disabled by default, and links are made to preformatted
versions instead. This bug is definitely on the fix TODO list, but I'll
be traveling for a week to two conferences, so it'll take a few days,
unless somebody else identities the bug and fixes it before I do. There
are also a few subtle issues with creating binary packages left, but
nobody building from source would ever notice.

So far my own testing on the build farm has been good, more testing from
other folks will be good.

        - rob -

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