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[Gnash-dev] Kate Davis: Re: On Flash and Gnash

From: John Gilmore
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Kate Davis: Re: On Flash and Gnash
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 12:36:10 -0800

Gnash-dev, Kate is a support volunteer for OLPC.  Kate, gnash-dev is
the (small) set of active gnash developers.

I don't think there is a new gnash in OLPC's update.1 release -- at
least, it isn't very new.  It just calls itself "gnash cvs" without a
version or date.  However, the RPM it was built from says it's
"gnash.0.8.1-2.olpc2.20071226cvs", which is a lot more informative;
it's two months old.  This is visible here, in the build log:

Please do test the gnash in update.1!  But test it now, rather than
after update.1 is released.  Just install the current update.1 and
test the one in there, because it probably won't change unless there's
something terribly wrong with it.  And if there's something terribly
wrong, your testing will probably be how we find out about it.  :-)
Update.1 needs to get kicked out the door with minimal further
changes; some would say it should've been kicked out a month ago.

The main Gnash project is within a week of cutting its next (0.8.2)
public release.  Rob Savoye can probably soon provide you (and the
joyride build) with a 0.8.2 OLPC gnash for testing.  That would
probably go into update.2.


Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 01:00:43 -0500
From: Kate Davis <address@hidden>
To: "Community Support Volunteers"

Most of the Flash intensive sites support ONLY Windows XP + with very 
robust (read Expensive) hardware needs. Most do not support Macs, and 
some even specifically do not support Linux. Sorry, we can't help you if 
the game is only available on XBox and you have some other gaming 
system, right?

I'd like to see the plugin defect for Browse fixed, but other than that, 
tell them to install Flash if they need it, and complain directly to 
NickJr for not supporting 5%+ and growing of the personal computer market.

I intend to do some more Gnash testing when Update.1 is released.

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