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Re:[Gnash-dev] heart beats / fixed rate slices / VirtualClock

From: zou lunkai
Subject: Re:[Gnash-dev] heart beats / fixed rate slices / VirtualClock
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 16:43:34 +0800

> SS> Also note that the 'aliasing' problem would still be there for a 12FPS
> SS> movie loading a 13FPS movie, as it's been reported each loaded movie
> SS> is expected to run at its own speed..
> We know that the proprietary player can play fast movies inside slow
> movies. But we also know that the difference matters (I think that's
> where the 1/10 comes from), meaning that a 120 fps movie will play at
> 10 fps in a 1 fps host movie IIRC.

I made a test by using a 1fps swf to load another 100fps swf. The
result is that both ActionScript and display are dominated by the 1fps
movie. The final fps is ONE for both swfs.

Is there really any "mixed fps" concept in Flash?


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