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Re: [Gnash-dev] OpenGL renderer broken on FreeBSD

From: Dmitry Marakasov
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] OpenGL renderer broken on FreeBSD
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 02:59:02 +0400
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* Bastiaan Jacques (address@hidden) wrote:

>> well. I didn't see any reports of similar problems on Linux or Mac, so
>> I suppose this is FreeBSD-specific somehow, so I would gladly accept
>> any ideas on what can be the problem and how to diagnose it.
> You might try running Gnash in BuGLe.
That could be useful, but bugle doesn't seem to work on FreeBSD :/
That's another bug to fix.

>> i386, FreeBSD 7.0, xorg-server-1.4, libGL-7.0.3, nvidia-driver-96.43.05
> How does it work without the use of the nvidia driver?
It works fine with nv. Snapshot runs slower (likely because of
antialiasing which I didn't find any way to turn it off), but nothing
like hangs.

I did some more testing. Actually stuff IS rendered, but with horrible
FPS and unresponsive X server. It takes ~30 seconds between screen

I've make FreeBSD ktrace dumps of gnash 0.8.1 and 20080515 snapshot
compare. The main difference is that latest gnash continuously
wastes time somewhere (that may be in or other place I

 85302 gtk-gnash 14.540075 CALL  getpid
 85302 gtk-gnash 14.540084 RET   getpid 85302/0x14d36
 85302 gtk-gnash 14.540092 CALL  getpid
 85302 gtk-gnash 14.540097 RET   getpid 85302/0x14d36
 85302 gtk-gnash 14.540104 CALL  getpid
 85302 gtk-gnash 14.540109 RET   getpid 85302/0x14d36
<spends up to second somewhere>
 85302 gtk-gnash 15.510959 CALL  getpid
 85302 gtk-gnash 15.511003 RET   getpid 85302/0x14d36
 85302 gtk-gnash 15.511033 CALL  getpid
 85302 gtk-gnash 15.511041 RET   getpid 85302/0x14d36
 85302 gtk-gnash 15.511048 CALL  getpid
 85302 gtk-gnash 15.511053 RET   getpid 85302/0x14d36
 85302 gtk-gnash 15.511060 CALL  getpid

See for decoded ktrace dumps for
0.8.1 and snapshot.

Dmitry A. Marakasov    | jabber: address@hidden
address@hidden       |

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