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Re: [Gnash-dev] I tried Gnash0.8.2 on my arm board, but found it too slo

From: XuHaigang
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] I tried Gnash0.8.2 on my arm board, but found it too slow
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 08:36:57 +0800
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Hi Rob Savoye,

Seems like now the gnash need high speed and high memory from hardware.

I will try " --enable-media=ffmpeg --enable-jemalloc CXXFLAGS=-O3" and play a swf with small resolution.

I have used the flash player on windows mobile, I think it's fast and acceptable. That's right, as told by Russ Nelson,the software need to be optimized for ARM processor.

Best Regards,
Xu Haigang

Rob Savoye ??:
Russ Nelson wrote:

It's more likely that gstreamer is not efficient enough. My nokia
n810 plays videos very nicely, so clearly the hardware can play video,
it's just a question of having software which works well on the ARM

Your N810 uses hardware decoding, which is why the performance is acceptable. Doing 100% software decoding and rendering on a 400Mhz processor with only 64M of RAM is always going to be slow. I have found that if you play a video without having to rescale, a 400Mhz cpu can do 10-15 fps, but with 64M, there isn't much room for buffering.

Btw, the Gnash reference manual talks about cross configuring and compiling Gnash for the ARM, it that helps. Me, I configure with --enable-media=ffmpeg --enable-jemalloc CXXFLAGS=-O3.

- rob -


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