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[Gnash-dev] NetStream refactoring status

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] NetStream refactoring status
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 18:27:31 +0200

With the work of today I added the previously clouded concept
of a "MediaHandler". See doc/DESIGN for how I think it should be.

The new MediaHandler makes it that way.

Beside registration point (kind of a singleton now), the MediaHandler
acts as a factory for MediaParser, VideoDecoder and AudioDecoder.

The current NetStreamFfmpeg class is finally media-handler-agnostic,
in that it uses the currently registered MediaHandler to obtain
parsers and decoders.

What still needs to be done for complete isolation is proper design
of the sound_handler class.
That class should be our internal mixer, providing mixing of an arbitrary
number of channel and output to upper-level system mixer.

The only real under-control mixer we have is the SDL one currently, whereas
GST simply do his stuff autonomously.
Help in designin a overall defined sound_handler would be appreciated.

Meanhwile, on the NetStream(Ffmpeg) front, we still only support FLV.
This is what I'd like to work next (cross your fingers as it'd
take fetching timestamps and stuff from non-flv, which I'm not really
comfortable with). Of course, media guys willing to take over from now
on are welcome :)


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