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[Gnash-dev] rc2 status

From: Russ Nelson
Subject: [Gnash-dev] rc2 status
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 14:24:55 -0400

rc2 builds on these platforms:

Ubuntu 8.04 i686 (Hardy Heron)
Ubuntu 8.04 amd64 (Hardy Heron)
Ubuntu 7.10 amd64 (Gutsy Gibbon)
Ubuntu 7.04 i686 (Feisty Fawn)
Mandriva Spring 2008 (but "make check" failed for ffmpeg)
OpenSUSE 10.3

And also these:
Fedora 5 per Zou Lunkai irc:_zou
Fedora 8 per Bastiaan Jacques irc:bjacqes
FreeBSD 7 per irc:dolt_
OpenBSD per Deanna Phillips

It looks from here that a gnash very
like rc1 has been compiled for Debian-amd64.  I'll ask irc:Baby
(Miriam Ruiz) if she can switch ''experimental'' over to rc2, and if
we can get it built for other architectures.

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