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[Gnash-dev] gnash 0.8.3-rc3

From: Russ Nelson
Subject: [Gnash-dev] gnash 0.8.3-rc3
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 16:57:32 -0400

gnash 0.8.3-rc3 is out ... hopefully the final candidate before
release, which should happen later this week.  Test now or forever
hold your peace! has the distribution information,
including CVS and tarball.  Here's a summary of the changes:

1) Patrice noticed that some files needed by ming for testing were
missing from the tarball.  We tracked that down to me not having all
of ming installed ... and that down to ''make dist'' depending on the
maker having everything installed.  These changes are all in
.../testsuite .

2) Similarly, I noticed that we weren't warning people if parts of
ming were missing.  Changes to

3) He also noticed that the po files were missing from the tarball.
Also fixed, changes to po/

4) Deanna noticed that we were distributing a .gnashpluginrc model
with startstopped on.  That's great, but we don't *tell* people that
we're doing that, nor do we tell them how to turn it off.  When we fix
that, we can ship with startstopped on.  Changes to

5) Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Japanese and French
translation updates.

6) Per Deanna, added gstreamer audioresample to the pipeline for
FreeBSD happiness.

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