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[Gnash-dev] imac 400mhz ppc yellowdog firefox gnash questions

From: Bob Gle
Subject: [Gnash-dev] imac 400mhz ppc yellowdog firefox gnash questions
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 08:16:37 -0400

I am new to linux and so I loaded the easiest gui based OS I could find. I am a school tech with 60+ PPC imacs that only had licenses for OS9.6 which won't work with the online version of the software we are running at the school. Yellowdog was an easy install and came with firefox.
To get flash sound and video, I need a player. Hence the following questions:  Knowing that I am inexperienced with code etc., how do I get gnash installed and running in firefox on the system I described? Credit and applause should go to those who work on this project. Without it, many would be stuck. I've been over the docs but can't find directions explaining what to do. If you can point me to or send a reply with directions for dumbies on the above.

Thank you.

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