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[Gnash-dev] gameday with gnash

From: Tom Stellard
Subject: [Gnash-dev] gameday with gnash
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 23:47:25 +0800

I am interested in getting gameday to work with gnash.  Gameday provides real-time scores and stats for MLB games.  I have been reading through the gnash reference manual and looking at the source code for the past few days, and I wanted to ask some questions before I begin.

Gameday currently does not work at all, and I am pretty sure gameday uses some swf v9 features.  Is there any reason why I shouldn't even bother trying to get gameday to work with gnash?

What documents, besides the gnash reference manual would be helpful for me to read?

Does anyone have any suggestions for debugging the gnash mozilla plugin?

Any other advice is welcome.



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