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[Gnash-dev] Problems with AS in gnash

From: Christer Corneliusson
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Problems with AS in gnash
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 18:01:45 +0200

?I hope I post this in the correct mailing list, if it isn't, I'm sorry to post it wrong.

?When I play an swf in Gnash I get a lot of AS errors. Gnash writes a lot lines (407 for the test file) with this text:

ACTIONSCRIPT ERROR: Reference to undefined member [string:loaded] of object[object(gnash::object_as_object):0xb578c110]

?I don't find the reason for this. Anyone have any idea?

I run gnash on Ubuntu 8.04 with a x86 processor. With bazaar revision 9662.

?The entire output from gnash can be found in the attached file

//Regards Christer

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