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[Gnash-dev] TextField Actionscript class.

From: Tom Stellard
Subject: [Gnash-dev] TextField Actionscript class.
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 12:03:03 +0800

I am having some trouble with the the TextField class, which is
implemented in edit_text_character.cpp.  When I try and set the
autoSize property of the TextField class, using
as_object::set_member(string_table::key,as_value) I get an
actionscript error:

ACTIONSCRIPT ERROR: autoSize: Exception builtin method or gettersetter
for gnash::edit_text_character* called from gnash::as_object*
instance.. Will create a new member

It looks like this exception is being thrown by the call to ensureType
in the first line of the textfield_autosize_getset method:

boost::intrusive_ptr<edit_text_character> ptr =

It seems like the constructor for the TextField class that I am
calling from AVM2, returns a regular as_object, so any time I try and
set a property on that object, this ensureType check will fail.  Does
anyone know why the ensureType method is being called here, or have
some idea of what I might be doing wrong?



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