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[Gnash-dev] OLPC as a Flash Gaming/Edu-Gaming platform

From: John Gilmore
Subject: [Gnash-dev] OLPC as a Flash Gaming/Edu-Gaming platform
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2008 12:49:12 -0700

A 3-person project from the Philippines is working on making Flash
games targeted for the XO.  I'm sure they would love to interact with
the Gnash developers to address various performance or implementation
problems they find.  They're experienced Flash developers, and
active in, the Philippine Flash developer community.

Their initial issues:

  *  No sound on XO Gnash, due to no MP3 codec.
     (Is there any other portable way to make sound in flash?  Wav?)
  *  AS3 isn't implemented in Gnash, but his favorite best FOSS Flash
     development tools require it.

The Gnash in the almost-out OLPC 8.2.0 release is better (0.8.3); they
hadn't tried it yet, but will.  And it's likely they're willing to
work with an even later gnash RPM if that gives them what they need,
and if other XO users can easily install it.


PS:  If gnash found a few crossover people from projects like
FlashDevelop, Flex, or major user groups, who'd sit on the gnash-dev
mailing list, try running their own existing Flash code, run tests,
write tests, report problems interacting with other tools, and such,
we'd get more traction in the world.

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