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Re: [Gnash-dev] Hi, Is there a guide ot help compile the gnash with MS V

From: Dossy Shiobara
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Hi, Is there a guide ot help compile the gnash with MS VC++ ?
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2008 11:26:16 -0400
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Carl Tang wrote:
>          I am trying to compile the gnash on win32 with vs2005, but met
> a lot of troubles.  Is there any guide document for this or any body can
> give  me some help ? Thanks in advance !!!

Hi, Carl,

There hasn't been much effort in building Gnash on Win32 using the
Microsoft tools in a while.  Your best bet is to use MinGW's gcc port or
  a gcc cross-compiler targeting Win32 from another host, if you are
looking to do Win32-oriented development on Gnash.

If all you want are binaries, you can pull them down from the buildbot:

Unfortunately, there isn't a Win32 build there right now as it hasn't
built successfully in the past 30 days - I've just made a change to the
cleanup for that directory to keep the last 10 successful builds
regardless of age.

Dossy Shiobara              | address@hidden |
Panoptic Computer Network   |
  "He realized the fastest way to change is to laugh at your own
    folly -- then you can let go and quickly move on." (p. 70)

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