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Re: [Gnash-dev] question: jmalloc

From: Hong Yu
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] question: jmalloc
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2008 10:41:22 +0800
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Thanks for the suggestion! Do you suggest that the source of 'jemalloc' is in the Gnash-0.8.3 source package? Thanks!

Best regards,

Hong Yu

Rob Savoye wrote:
Hong Yu wrote:
Thanks for the information! So to enable it, I only need to add
'--enable-jemalloc' in build, right? And this works for both malloc/free
and new/delete, right? Is '--enable-jemalloc' a new feature in gnash-0.8.3?

  It's a malloc replacement, so everything works the way it normally
does. It was originally from FreeBSD, and there is used as the system
allocator. Then Mozilla grabbed a copy, made a bunch of modifications,
and uses it in Mozilla & Firefox. I grabbed that copy, and then modified
it for Gnash.

  Unlike the system malloc in most Unix systems, jemalloc is optimized
for the many small allocations used by C++ and ECMAscript languages. On
some platforms (x86) it can improve performance by 30%. On other
platforms, like the ARM, it seems to make less of a positive impact.

        - rob -

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