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Re: [Gnash-dev] Gnash packages for Fedora / OLPC

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Gnash packages for Fedora / OLPC
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 11:39:45 -0600
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Russ Nelson wrote:

> Whinging doesn't help me to build them.  "make deb" doesn't work.

  Whining about whining doesn't help either. :-)

> "make rpm" doesn't work either.  I'm trying to get them both to work.
> It takes time, because a lot of specialized knowledge is needed to

  I'll go fix them, as I've done this for every Gnash release in the
past, and already understand the packaging formats for deb and rpm.

> I think we would do better to build XPI packages, which install
> through Firefox.

  The XO doesn't use Firefox, it uses a python based "web activity",
which doesn't support XUL, so you can't install from an XPI. The only
way to do this would be via an RPM file. We also can't use the standard
RPM for Gnash on Fedora 9, as the XO has differing versions of
Gstreamer, which breaks everything. So this is a case where we need to
build our own RPMs, or somehow get the build-mister at OLPC to build a
version of Gnash less than 8 months out of date...

  In spite of my being pissed off at Nicholas, we should continue to
make sure we support the XO. I was just hanging out 2 days ago with some
South American OLPC people, who have many hundreds of thousands of
children using the XO in their countries. They can't and don't want to
use Adobe. When I showed them that a recent Gnash build for the XO (I
was doing Gnash demos on a G1G1) worked quite well, they got *really*

  To really work well, we need to stabilize the MIT-SHM support, as well
as the XV support to bring the performance up to something reasonable. I
gave them my Gnash build as a temporary fix, but once these performance
enhancements work like we talked about at the hackathon, I'll build them
a better version.

        - rob -

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