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[Gnash-dev] Hello gnash! Questions from a Linux newbie

From: Charles Crisler
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Hello gnash! Questions from a Linux newbie
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 19:49:31 -0500

I have downloaded and built the gnash code and now am looking to begin
making some changes. I am a renegade Windows programmer (almost 20
years!) and I am still trying to learn the Linux/GNU environment, so
please be patent.

1. Can I use configure to make a version of gnash that doesn't have a
GUI? How? I want to use it as a plug-in and provide the display myself.
2. I have found the video_stream_instance:display() that calls
gnash::render::drawVideoFrame() in the appropriate backend support
library. I am interested in simply grabbing the raw RGB image for
display elsewhere (after some further manipulation). There is a comment
about if m_def == NULL being constructed by 'new Video' and no display
call that *MIGHT* be what I need (the no video display). How can I find
out about that Video mode? I don't mind writing a simple video backend
that calls back to some function and passes the RGB image if that is
3. (Really dumb question). I *THINK* that I have configured and made a
full debug build (I passed the CFLAGS=-g CXXFLAGS=-g to make). How do I
run gdb (or any recommended debugger) and what/where is the executable
to debug? I mainly see shell scripts. Do I need a -D option to pause
execution to allow gdb to attach to the process? (I have read *A LOT* of
code in the last couple of days and forgotten where I saw what.)
4. I ran make INSTALL on the first build, so that is completely
installed (and works). How do I control the debugging version to only
use (and find) my debug libraries? A simple pointer to a doc would be

I think that I found a bug, though it might just be an unsupported SWF
opcode(s). In a particular SWF, you have to click on things in the video
and the SWF responds. Well, something doesn't work and the video doesn't
update. If someone will give me some pointers where to begin looking
(like maybe where the mouse messages are routed? It acts like the flash
isn't getting/processing those events) I will debug it and, if I do find
and fix a bug, submit it for inclusion.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your work and patience,
Chuck Crisler

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