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[Gnash-dev] mixed SWF versions

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] mixed SWF versions
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 11:28:03 +0100

I found that behavoiur of the VM must not depend (exclusively?)
on SWF version of the top-level movie, but on actual SWF version
of the code being executed.

I started a wiki page for this:

Now, I'm testing having VM::getSWFVersion return the version
of the "curently executing code", which is a new concept.
Actually I'm using a separate call (VM::getExecSWFVersion)
but if things look fine I'll switch, to touch less code...

Consequences of this is we'll need to always know the SWF version
of the code being executed. This is already possible with action_buffer
which stores AVM1 executables, but should be made available in
ABCCode as well (for AVM2).

Another requirement is that we should always make available all
of the player API, only flagging properties with the correct
visibility flags. In this reguard, while we have prop flags
for SWF6+, SWF7+, SWF8+ and SWF9+ visibility, we don't have
one for SWF5+ visibility. See libcore/as_prop_flags.h.
The visibility flags values have been taken from swfdec, and
tested locally. Any research toward existence of an SWF4+ and
SWF5+ or whatever else is welcome.


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