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Re: [Gnash-dev] Flash/Gnash based simple paint programs for OLPC -

From: Tom Stellard
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Flash/Gnash based simple paint programs for OLPC -
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 13:11:24 +0800

On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 8:29 AM, Martin Langhoff
<address@hidden> wrote:

>  - Is there an easy way on ubuntu or fedora to have both gnash and
> adobe flash player installed and switch them (with a browser restart,
> of course) or to have one webbrowser with each? (I normally run
> firefox, epiphany and galeon just to have various user sessions on the
> same webapp)

If you are using firefox, one thing you can do is after you have
dowloaded and installed Adobe's flash plugin, download the
MediaPlayerConnectivity plugin for firefox .  Then configure
the MediaPlayerConnectivity plugin to use gnash as its default flash
player.  Afterwards, anytime you view a web page with a .swf file on
it, the file will be replaced by a black rectangle.  You can click on
the rectangle to play the .swf file in standalone gnash, or you can
close the rectangle and the .swf file will play in your browser using
the Adobe plugin.


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