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Re: [Gnash-dev] Re: Fwd: FLTK GUI

From: Dossy Shiobara
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Re: Fwd: FLTK GUI
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 08:46:47 -0500
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Tonko Juricic wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 4:12 AM, Dossy Shiobara <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Are you familiar with wxWidgets?
> I used in once about 5 years ago and had good experiences with it.

Great!  The benefit of using a portable widget library such as wxWidgets
as opposed to WTL is that if it can be tested on other platforms (that
the other Gnash developers use) it will get more testing.  A GUI that is
one platform only will only be tested by a subset of us who use that

I would love to see us eliminate the GTK+-only GUI entirely, because if
we develop using wxWidgets, when it's compiled on Linux/Unix, it
actually uses GTK+ anyway (if you use wxGTK, otherwise wxX11 is also an
option).  I think on MacOS X, wxMac currently uses the Carbon API, as well.

>> I would love it if you could work on the ActiveX/IE plugin.  I'm happy
>> to work on the NPAPI/Mozilla plugin.
> We''ve got a deal :)
> Have patience with me for a while since many things about Gnash and
> your approach to developing it are somewhat new if not literally
> foreign to me. I still don't understand the relations between the
> modules, I am mostly guessing at what piece of the code does what now
> by running sample SWFs in debugger, etc. etc. Now at least I have
> verbose logging enabled and I can see a bit more of what is going on
> ... sound requested but no sound compiled in .. oops I don't hear any
> sound but I didn't know that ....

Actually, my knowledge of the Gnash code itself is very limited.  I've
only mostly worked out the kinks to get Gnash building and keep it
building on Win32 using MinGW/MSYS.  I also started work on the npgnash
NPAPI plugin for Firefox, but the Gnash core needs more work for that to
be really usable/useful, yet.  It currently can play a SWF movie, and
then it crashes the browser when the Gnash VM tries to clean up.  :-)

I think between the two of us, we can make some good progress, though!

Dossy Shiobara              | address@hidden |
Panoptic Computer Network   |
  "He realized the fastest way to change is to laugh at your own
    folly -- then you can let go and quickly move on." (p. 70)

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