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[Gnash-dev] A problem when building firefox plugin npgnash.dll on Window

From: cao wei
Subject: [Gnash-dev] A problem when building firefox plugin npgnash.dll on Windows
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 18:00:11 +0800

Hi, everyone

I am working on gnash recently, because I need an open source flash player on Windows.I choose mingw to build gnash, and by now I have built gnash 0.8.3 into a DLL, and a sdl-gnash.exe linked to the DLL can work quite well.

Now I am trying to build the firefox plugin, npgnash.dll, also use mingw. But It seems the code for a win32 firefox plugin is incomplete, plugin/win32/plugin.cpp implements a class called nsPluginInstance, I find declaration of this class in plugin/plugin.h, but it seems incomplete, because some member variables referenced in plugin.cpp is not declared in plugin.h, such as '_initialized'  '_shutdown'  '_stream'  '_url', and so on. Why the header file and source file are not match? 

 Besides, plugin.h needs X11, so I guess it should not be used in win32, isn't it? Where can I find a usable plugin.h for win32?

Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks a lot!!!


Cyg Cao

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