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[Gnash-dev] using gnash plugin to playing embedded flash video

From: Nevo
Subject: [Gnash-dev] using gnash plugin to playing embedded flash video
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 23:24:04 +0800
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Im recently using gnash (latest stable) as my FF flash plugin to play
embedded flash video ,and I knew that it would probably not work for all
video site ,but it is indeed open source ,free to read and learn. I did
try youtube, which worked quite well for part of its videos . But not
work for "",something like "UNIMPLEMENTED: xxxxxx" or "ERROR:
Parsing exception: premature end of tag" was thrown out, so player
didn't proceed to connect to the actually video.
Actually, my question here is not how to solve those kind of errors or
unimplements right away, instead, is that is there any general or
standard procedure to follow to bypass those runtime error during
interpreting of SWF player ActionScripts and directly construct the url
for the real flash video file and do request for the file . The question
can be simply put as how flash plugin works to construct the real flash
video url on the fly ? I mean how the flash plugin is able to locate the
final real flash video file if the input url is actually a
representation for a html page ? Is there any specification or standard
for that ,or it is just controlled completely by ActionScripts that we
cannot skip to compute the real video url?
Hope my question is described to be understandable. If anyone has
different opinion or any suggest, I would much appreciate that. Thanks
for your help.

Best Regards

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