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[Gnash-dev] Re: pre-release snapshots for testing

From: Marcin Cieslak
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Re: pre-release snapshots for testing
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 21:58:13 +0000 (UTC)
User-agent: slrn/0.9.9p1 (FreeBSD)

Dnia 25.02.2009 Rob Savoye <address@hidden> napisaƂ/a:
> There are likely a few bugs in this release, but my main concern is
> stability and adequate performance. I'd appreciate some feedback on
> whether these work for everyone. I'm also interested in any build &
> config issues on *BSD, open embedded, other platforms, etc...

Thanks for providing the snapshot.

I have tried to compile this on FreeBSD:

(1) When building gprocessor I get undefined references in

undefined reference to `sws_getContext(int, int, int, int, int, int, 
        int, SwsFilter*, SwsFilter*, double*)'
undefined reference to `sws_freeContext(SwsContext*)'
undefined reference to `sws_scale(SwsContext*, unsigned char**, int*, 
        int, int, unsigned char**, int*)'

The fix is easy:

--- libmedia/ffmpeg/VideoConverterFfmpeg.h.orig 2009-02-26 22:11:26.163319075 
+++ libmedia/ffmpeg/VideoConverterFfmpeg.h      2009-02-26 22:13:28.942914343 
@@ -29,7 +29,9 @@
 #include "log.h"
+extern "C" {
 #include <libswscale/swscale.h>

(2) Many systems don't have POLRDHUP for poll(2), it should probably 
The patch below let me compile cygnal.
--- cygnal/cygnal.cpp.orig      2009-02-26 22:19:54.613358641 +0100
+++ cygnal/cygnal.cpp   2009-02-26 22:20:22.377814314 +0100
@@ -578,7 +578,7 @@
        struct pollfd fds;
        fds.fd = args->netfd;
        if (crcfile.getThreadingFlag() == true) {
            // Each dispatch thread gets it's own argument data and
            // network connection data.
@@ -663,8 +663,8 @@
                for (it = hits->begin(); it != hits->end(); it++) {
                    // We got an error, which isn't always a crises, as some 
are normal
                    // if the client disconnects while we're talking to it.
-                   if ((it->revents & POLLRDHUP) || (it->revents & POLLNVAL))  
-                       log_debug("Revents has a POLLRDHUP or POLLNVAL set to 
%d for fd #%d",
+                   if (it->revents & POLLNVAL)  {
+                       log_debug("Revents has a POLLNVAL set to %d for fd #%d",
                                  it->revents, it->fd);

The plugin looks nice, *seems* to be smoother, the annoying "Click to play" 
does not take 50% of the movie space but resides conveniently at the bottom.

Other than that, it looks fine as far as I can tell after 2-minute testing.

              << Marcin Cieslak // address@hidden >>

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