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Re: [Gnash-dev] Looking for testers: MP3 delays

From: Erick Mendez
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Looking for testers: MP3 delays
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 12:44:23 +0200
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Just tested it. I do hear some odd noise in between loops.

strk wrote:
Could anyone please try the test movies linked from:

It seems to me that delaySeek still plays silences on loop-back
contrary to inPoint. This would make delaySeek useless to close
the heskstor.swf sound gap...

Can anyone test with the adobe player per windows ?

What I need to know is if you ear silences betwee loops.


On Mon, Jun 08, 2009 at 02:52:07AM +0200, strk wrote:
For the record: I've been trying to analize the MP3 delay seek
(aka latency aka seek samples):

So far I've added space for the delaySeek information in SoundInfo
and have been experimenting with handling this for event sounds by
skipping the specified number of samples from the start of the sound.

Now what I'd need to figure is *which* samples that value refers
to as simply skipping the output samples (decoded and resampled)
doesn't give satisfying results. Note that I patched Ming to
allow specifying delaySeek so more tests can be performed.

It'd likely need testing with differently sampled MP3 files,
both mono and stereo and whatever other difference you may imagine.

Help welcome.


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