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[Gnash-dev] klash4 plugin

From: Thomas Koeller
Subject: [Gnash-dev] klash4 plugin
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 10:39:28 +0200
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I have been trying to build and install the klash4 plugin on my Linux x86_64 
system running KDE 4.2.2, to be usable in konqueror, without success so far. 
Digging through the build and installation procedure, I came across a couple 
of issues that I'd like to discuss here.

First of all, I could not spot any decent documentation describing konqueror's 
plugin interface. Can anybody give a pointer?

Issue #1: The klash4 plugin is built as a libtool module, which produces three 
files: libklashpart.a,, and The static 
library certainly is not required?

Issue #2:  It is an established convention not to use a 'lib' name prefix for 
loadable modules, shouldn't the 'lib' prefix be dropped?

Issue #3: The module loader code does not use libltdl and therefore does not 
use the .la file, shouldn't it be excluded from the installation?

Issue #4: The module is installed in 'kde4/plugins'. On my system, there are 
lots of other modules, all of which are installed in 'kde4', shouldn't the 
klash4 plugin go there, too? I tried this, and konqueror apparently was able 
to find and load it.

Issue #5: When run, konqueror displays the following error message:
konqueror(17573)/kdeui (kdelibs): No such XML file "klashpartui.rc"
Calling appendChild() on a null node does nothing.
I guess this is because the plugin does not have any gui elements to merge 
with the containing application. Shouldn't a dummy file be provided, just to 
avoid the error message?


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