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Re: [Gnash-dev] [MERGE] Misc fixes to soldumper.cpp

From: Benjamin Wolsey
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] [MERGE] Misc fixes to soldumper.cpp
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 14:14:27 +0200

> Without this, is *so* much easier for me to use a quilt stack of
> patches rather than do bzr branch and commit and bzr diff.

You could also consider uploading your branch, or several different
branches, to a service like launchpad or anywhere else it's publicly
available, from where it would be possible to merge changes if you
notify the list. I would rather merge from a branch than apply several
different patches to the same file and commit each one separately.

> * 0001-soldumper-avoid-usage-for-ref.patch
>   Avoids an ugly forward declaration.

I don't see why forward declarations are particularly ugly...

The current release of Gnash is 0.8.5

Benjamin Wolsey, Software Developer -

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