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Re: [Gnash-dev] Re: no AVM2 for a while? (haxe tests)

From: Benjamin Wolsey
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Re: no AVM2 for a while? (haxe tests)
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 18:50:45 +0200

> I will spend the rest of the time (this week) during the summer project 
> going back and making sure all the classes.all tests work in both 
> versions of the pp. I believe, that at the beginning we didn't have a 
> really good understanding of haxe could do and how it worked, so that is 
> probably why some of the test cases don't work very well. I would say 
> that it will probably take me a day or two to get through all the cases 
> just to see what is failing and what isn't so don't expect it all to get 
> fixed immediately, but hopefully I'll be able to get it all done in a 
> couple of day.

That would be excellent.

> If the pp is able to execute all the test cases generated by haxe, 
> shouldn't we expect gnash to execute them as well?

Gnash should execute them all, but of course won't get all the results
correct because of things that aren't correctly implemented. Those
failures are then things to work on, but not an immediate problem - as
long as the failure is expected - because they aren't regressions.

> It probably doesn't 
> in some cases. It's also possible that there are some problems with haxe 
> still because they haven't implemented everything in the same way that 
> Adobe does in all cases. Most of the time there is a way to get haxe to 
> generate the code that Adobe expects, but not always.

It isn't necessarily that important to get things done how Adobe
expects, because AS coders often do things that aren't documented and we
have to test those as well. 

The possible problem is that the haxe compiler itself will in future
change the behaviour of undocumented things, so that the test will
become invalid in the Adobe player too. This is one reason why haxe
isn't very well suited as a main testsuite. But as long as *all* tests
currently pass in the Adobe player and *all* failures in Gnash are
expected, everything is perfect and the testsuite will be useful.

And many thanks for volunteering to fix them.


Use Gnash, the GNU Flash Player!

Benjamin Wolsey, Software Developer -

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