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Re: [Gnash-dev] [PATCH] Small rtmp_msg.cpp refactoring

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] [PATCH] Small rtmp_msg.cpp refactoring
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 07:39:32 -0600
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On 08/12/09 02:22, stefasab wrote:
On date Monday 2009-08-10 12:07:19 -0600, Rob Savoye gnashed:
stefasab wrote:

Rob, reading the source of cygnal I can't still figure out how the
server side application is supposed to work, also I'm not still sure
if there is already support for that.

Yes, but I've been refactoring that part of Cygnal for the last few days in a branch. The new way supports server side scripting as a dynamically loaded plugin, so one can build a plugin out of the Gnash source tree for Cygnal. Along with that technique, Cygnal also supports remote server side scripting and can use a network connection to funnel data to and from the server script support. This also lets Cygnal talk to Cygnal, one working as the backend for the other.

This is all reasonably complex, you might find IRC (#gnash @ freenode) is better for some of this than email. The cool part of the new code is that the data is now independent of the transport protocol, so it's possible to exchange data between HTTP and RTMP based connections.

That is, how can I write for example a simple echo test server side
application to interact with an echo client side application?

That works now, with both RTMPT (HTTP) and RTMP. I took the Red5 echo test and converted it to Ming syntax. This sends a variety of complex AMF data types, including nested objects, Custom Classes, etc...

        - rob -

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